A family united by the Peruvian Paso Horse


After the conquest and Spanish colonization, our country welcomed different horse breeds that eventually interbred with each other and began evolving in the peruvian geography. A purebred was born, unique in the world, the Peruvian Paso Horse.

In its beginnings, the peruvian paso horse was used as workforce for plowing, herding and transportation.

It is considered as the breed with the softest saddle around the world, providing its riders with comfort thanks to the stability of their steps.

Its four-stroke step gives a dancing sensation to the viewer thanks to the four beats of our Marinera Norteña. This is the reason it has become a great exponent of our culture and tradition.

It was declared as National and Cultural heritage in 1992 and as Flagship product in 2012.


We are the Navarro Falcón family. Formed by Jorge Navarro, Patricia Falcón de Navarro, Giorgio and Antonella Navarro. We founded “Dpaso” in 2001 motivated by a great dream: share the pride and passion that every peruvian should feel for our national and cultural heritage, The Peruvian Paso Horse; and make it massive.

With this great mission, we created “The Peruvian Paso Horse Prime Show”, a one-of-a-kind show in its genre that has allowed us to obtain the recognition of the Ministry of Culture as “Event of Cultural Interest”

In 2008, we founded the “Primera Cuadrilla del Señor de los Milagros” by Peruvian Paso Horse. Later on, Dpaso was offered to be licensee of “Marca Perú” by Promperu.

In 2012, we founded our first themed restaurant with the Peruvian Paso Horse as its inspiration. A place where every lover of our culture can enjoy an unparalleled experience. It is located in Lurín and it was the first establishment in which the Peruvian Paso Horse took place permanently.

By the end of 2018, we inaugurated the First Peruvian Paso Horse Themed Park and initiated a new adventure, a second venue, located in Surco by the name of Dpaso Hacienda; becoming the new favorite place for tourists who find in our proposal, a completely unique experience and world class quality.

As a family and thanks to a crew fully committed to peruanity, we now feel proud of what we have done so far throughout the last 20 years. For thousands of people to be able to appreciate one of the most captivating cultural shows of the country, currently recognized as the best “peruvian show”.

We are committed to our country, that is why we provide our guests with a unique experience. It is our objective to make them feel proud of our art, accompanied by our majestic Peruvian Paso Horse.


Dpaso S.A.C., is a company founded in 2001, and offers an investment opportunity in a unique field, spreading culture through the Peruvian Paso Horse.

Our Dpaso brand is characterized by an impeccable themed decoration of the Peruvian Paso Horse, causing a visual impact and a highly attractive experience, accompanied by cultural expressions such as dances and Peruvian cuisine.

If you are interested in venturing into this project or have a restaurant location and want it to be a complete success, we will assist you from the beginning and throughout the process. Exportable franchise to other countries.



    • Licensee of Marca Peru
    • Event of Cultural Interest
    • 5-times National Champions of the Peruvian Paso Horse
    • Acknowledged as the Best Peruvian Show